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Merovex is the imprint for some of the worst science fiction you will ever read. I’ll just leave it at that.

About Ben Wilson

Me in 140 Characters

Ben Wilson is a science fiction writer, husband, father, project manager, lover of the divine, human nature student. On twitter @merovex.

Ben in 50-ish Words

Ben Wilson is a science fantasy writer. He’s into history, human nature and religious studies. He is the author of the Stranded Series, though he eventually wants to write four novel series. His books are available on Amazon. Ben lives in Tysons, Virginia with his wife, three children, and two rabid attack cats. He pays bills by frustrating people through ineffective change management.

Why I write

My life is about telling stories.

Ben Wilson

When friends and co-workers find that I write novels, I explain that I am a poor writer of bad Science Fiction. I don’t pretend to write the Great American Novel, or even the most provocative. I just write and try to improve.

I’ve had the yen for storytelling my whole life. It started listening to my dad tell funny stories when I was a boy. I picked up his talent for oral story telling. My first career was in the military, which is a story-telling culture, where I honed my talent. I’ve yearned to write for decades and began to more seriously apply myself in recent years. It’s not the easiest process in the world, but I enjoy putting the words to screen. I hope you enjoy what you read. If you’d like to share with me ways you think the story could be improved, I’d love to have you in my community.

Who is my audience

Seth Godin suggests defining my minimum viable audience.

I think of my audience is similar to me. We’re Christians who know there is something more to this life than we’re able to lead. We have deep flaws and know only God can help us move beyond them. We have (or want to have) families and are doing our best to lead them into an uncertain world. We recognize reality is God-centered, and yearn for fiction that feeds our worldview.

What Others Say About My Novels

I like Mondennio, but sometimes I want to slap some sense in him.

Dennis about Mondennio in Scintilla


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