Struggling orphan becomes
Postal Marines' Greatest Hero

Desperate, Bophendze embedded an ancient artificial intelligence in his brain. Litovio abandoned his promising career in the Navy to serve the Postal Marines. Together, they struggle to survive the epic Battle of Tanhauser Gate.

For Bophendze, the real fight is all in his head.

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Postal Marine Series

Book 1: Bellicose

The orphaned Danel Bophendze struggles to find his way as a new marine in the Imperial Postal Service. He embedded Smee, an ancient artificial intelligence, in his brain hoping it will give him the edge he needs. Aristocratic Ambrose Litovio left a promising career in the Navy to join the Postal Service. He is called upon to assist the only admiral as war looms between the Postal Service and the Navy. Bophendze and Litovio fight to survive the epic Battle of Tannenberg Gate. To Bophendze, the real fight is all in his head.

Book 2: Luctation

Factions jockey for position during the Imperial Selection. Jonaldy Ammonett fails as a courier of the Bafiktuy, an ultra-secretive cabal that does not accept failure. Bophendze continues to battle his inner demon, pushed to the edge of sanity. Can they save the Crown Prince’s wife before she is sacrificed and the Imperium descends into another civil war?

Book 3: Imbroglio

Committing the Belter Massacre under orders, Bophendze is betrayed by his mentor. Marooned in an alien system with no way to return to Imperial space, he discovers technology that could transform the Imperium. Will he make it home and continue to serve the Marines he dedicated his life to?

Book 4: Scintilla

Accused of cheating, pampered Mondennio Rownzal Clin-Khotaigra loses a career in government before it begins. Instead of clearing his hame, he is implicated in a magistrate’s murder. On cue, Bafiktuy agent Jonaldy Ammonett offers him a return to the life he always wanted. Filled with doubt, will Mondennio confront the injustice of Copa’s clinate government?

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