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Logline Tool

On the verge of , a has and with the ; but when the happens, he/she must learn the , before the , to defeat (or stop) the (from getting away with his/her plan).

On the verge of a Stasis=Death moment, a flawed protagonist has a Catalyst and Breaks Into Two with the B Story; but when the Midpoint happens, he/she must learn the Theme Stated, before the All Is Lost, to defeat (or stop) the flawed antagonist (from getting away with his/her plan).

I would avoid using Cruisers or HCs to kill Fighters, unless the target has too few fighters. You have to keep in mind what you lose in the attack. At base Power, a HC kills 24 FTs. So, while 2500 FTs would kill an HC, you would need to bring in 96 HCs (46Kcr) to kill all 2500 FTs (10Kcr) in one shot, and you’d lose 6.67 (repairs). Bring in fewer than 96 HCs, then you have multiple waves, with mounting losses. You would recover .44 of his fleet value (55K) and about .21 of your loses (690cr) with a total derb recovery of 6190cr for 3000 invested.

It is far more effective to bring Fighters. The Fighter kill ratio would be ~1:1, so bring in 10% more. Without a battle calculator, you would know to bring 2600 FTs (13Kcr). Assuming you harvest the derbs at the tick, then the cost-recovery would be .88 (.44 for your FT and .44 for his) of your fleet. Assuming the Laser tech was equal, then you’d recover nearly 10Kcr in derbs having lost

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