2014 Writing Progress

This page helps to track my writing progress. I committed to 150,000 words in 2014. This page tracks my progress with the hope that it will help me be accountable. The data that drives the graphs is generated automatically each morning. I then have a couple manual scripts I have to run to pull that data and publish updates to this page.

Update August 2014: I set a goal of 150,000 words in 2014. However, the further I get through the year the more I realize the purpose of the goal was to finish two novels: Luctation and Imbroglio. Since I have good data from the beginning of the year, to finish both novels I needed to write 124,000 words. I was going to ignore the year objective, but now that I have momentum I wanted to use its gentle prod to continue forward. The caveat is that I’ve reset the goal to the 124,000 words necessary to meet the goal.

Writing Charts

Daily Writing Progress

The Daily Writing Progress chart describes the following:

  • Words written per day,
  • Average words written per day over a period, and
  • The daily average target needed to meet the year-end goal by end-of-year.

Cumulative Writing Progress

This Cumulative Writing Progress chart shows:

  • The cumulative writing target per day, and
  • The actual cumulative word count progress.

The chart cursor will give details, as well as the net surplus/deficit against the goal. As of today, Ben is words .

Words per Hour

This chart shows the amount of words per hour. This is based on the amount of time spent on Scrivener, not all of that time would entail novel writing.

So far this year, I have written billions words during zillions hours of writing.

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