Scene Development

The writers, must ask ourselves of every scene these three questions.

  1. Who wants what?
  2. What happens if her don’t get it?
  3. Why now?

No exposition scenes (two characters talking about a third off-set)

Start, every time, with this inviolable rule: the scene must be dramatic. It must start because the hero has a problem, and it must culminate with the hero finding themselves either thwarted or educated that another way exists.

Try to write the scene without dialog, create tension by what the reader should see. The camera can do the explaining for you. Let it. What are the characters doing -literally. What are they handling, what are they reading. what are they watching on television, what are they seeing.

Look at the scene and ask yourself “is it dramatic? is it essential? does it advance the plot?” answer truthfully. If the answer is “no” write it again or throw it out.

The objective of every scene is to get the reader to want to read the next scene.

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