The Ultimate Novelist Guide is a summation of my personal research into novel writing. The topics below cover the gambit of what I have learned it takes to be a successful novelist.

Project Development. We discuss an iterative process for developing both Plot and Story. This allows the author to determine the level of planning from a brief summary of a project to a detailed paragraph outline of each scene.

Plot structure. We explore the 8-Segment plot outline method, rather than the 3- or 4-Act method.

Character Development. This is a description

Series Development. This is a description.

Project Workflow. This is a description

  1. First Draft (Rough). Tell yourself the story. Don’t worry about length, language or research. Get the story out as best as you can. Use Notes and Placeholders.
  2. Second Draft (Alpha). Tell the story to the reader in a way that you think it is worth their time to read. This is a complete rewrite of the first draft. In this draft you should:
    • Fix Research Issues
    • Fix Placeholders
    • Send to Beta Readers
  3. Third Draft (Beta). Incorporate feedback from Beta readers. This may require a full rewrite.
  4. Fourth & Subsequent Drafts (Gamma). Omit Needless words
  • Wallow in the world of my series (done simultaneously with the next step)
  • Individual Timelines/Outlines
  • Final Outline
  • Write the damn thing (scene by scene)
  • Re-outline, reorder, rewrite (as needed)
  • Export Draft
  • Update “bible”
  • Continuity check/Read through/Notes
  • Edits
  • Send off for review/professional edits
  • Incorporate Edits
  • Formatting
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