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Writing Writing Goals for 2015

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November is barely half-over and I’m making 2015’s writing plans. This year has been very educational in terms of writing under something resembling a schedule. I’d like to make the most of it.

So why am I planning now? The entire notion of graphing came from Jamie Rubin’s writing progress activities. I don’t pretend to be a master of the metrics. Jamie inspired me. Maybe it’s because we’re in the same state or are in the Information Technology market? You can see from my 2014 Progress how I managed. As of this writing, I’m a scant 83 kwords in, and highly unlikely to make my revised goal of 124 kwords.

What’s my plan for 2015? I’ve already established my 2015 Progress page. At the time of this writing, it shows January 1 with nothing. It should populate in the next year “automatically.” My goal is two write 104 days (4 days per week) at a pace of 1000 wpd. Rounding for mental sanity, that’s 100 kwords.

What does this convert to in books? My novel target length is 80 kwords, so that’s one new book in 2015. Luctation and Imbroglio are not yet complete, so part of 2015 will involve revisions. All four books need the more-professional editing that I’ve committed to. Twenty-fifteen will be a busy year on the back-end of production.

The perfect scenario is two books in 2015. That would be one from the Postal Marine Series, and a book from my next series. That’s between 150–160 kwords. Since I’ve not proven that ability in 2014, I’m not going to commit to it in 2015.

So what am I going to write in 2015? With four books written in Postal Marines, it will be time to try a book in a new series.