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Postal Marine Series The Bafiktuy Directive

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In Bellicose you meet Admiral Bence, an individual who seems completely out of his element. That’s because he is not an admiral, but a member of the Bafiktuy.

The Bafiktuy Directive is one of the most secretive organizations in the Imperium. According to the Macropedia Terradoma: Imperium Edition, the Bafiktuy formed during the First Decline, a period before the Terran Republic and the Imperium. It was a corporate espionage organization known as the Bafiktuy Executive Decisions Committee (Stock Ticker: BEDC). During the Krezil Stock Market Crash, the corporation went bankrupt. Hostile takeovers resulted in the corporation being split into various companies and sold. Publically, the Committee faded into history. Privately, the “Firm” (as it liked to be called) established itself as a secret mercenary espionage organization.

During the years leading up to the Imperium, the Firm was covertly working for so many different organizations that it was frequently spying on its clients for other clients. This access to information only helped to make them more powerful. They also were involved in “hostile” corporate and other organization takeovers, assassinations, and sabotage. The Firm’s reach was interstellar, reaching from the halls of power to the alleys of poverty.

Through the Postal Marines series, the Bafiktuy are actively involved. This includes our dear Admiral Bence. I’ve had people ask why he seems so out of place. When you meet Jonaldy in Luctation, you may come to understand why. But the bigger question is not about Admiral Bence, but why the Bafiktuy are in the middle of starting a larger conflict between the Postal Marines and the Imperial Navy.