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Diary Summary of February 2014

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February, 2014 has been one of those busy months where I felt like I got nothing done. Yet, the month was on the whole productive.

As you see the Daily Writing Progress, you’ll see a lot of red, with several days of no or almost no activity. Work was tough, and I would come home and head right to bed. I’m involved in Trail Life USA, and there’s a fair amount of time involved in that. I’m also working through a graduate certificate, which also takes a bit of time as well.

All the red was demoralizing. Somewhere about halfway through the month I decided I needed to see the year as a cumulative. That way, I could see progress, rather than a routine battering of how I was not keeping on track. I’m closing on 25,000 words for the year, which is pretty exciting. It’s not the same as hitting 25,000 works during NaNoWriMo, but it’s a more sustainable pace. It’s about 410 words/day, or about 2900 words per week. Two really productive (i.e., 1450 word) days and I could meet the goal.

This month my friend Dennis is giving Bellicose a more detailed read, finding all the typos and grammar mistakes I’m fond of making. He’s been sending input that I need to incorporate some time in March if I hope to meet my goal of publishing in April. Donna Harriman Murillo, my cover designer, put the finishing touches on the Bellicose cover. I’m looking forward to engaging her to work on Luctation’s cover in April or May.

I’ve focused on drafting Luctation this month, all 10,000 words I wrote in February. This morning I started on the midpoint of the story. I’m at 40,000 words, and the novel is tracking at 80,000 words by the end of the draft. I tend to add during revisions, so it’s working its way to the target of 85,000 words (about 255 pages). At this pace, the draft should be finished by mid-June. Then I’ll pick up with Imbroglio. My goal is to finish the first four books of the Postal Marine Series this year.

Where did my other time go? There’s a full week (19-24 February) on the graph were I put no words to paper. I spent that week building a new computer and getting the data transferred from my old one. Specifically, I built a Hackintosh for about forty percent of what a Mac Pro would cost. I’m only hanging onto Mac OSX for a couple games and Pixelmator at this point. Part of me is itching to return to Linux and Ubuntu. If Gimp’s UI could mature a little more, I then it could drop. I can live without games. Perhaps when I get a bit further along with Luctation I’ll dual boot this book and start weaning myself off of Mac.

After all, my original reason for getting on board with Mac was so I could use Scrivener, a tool that is very powerful but does not meet my needs.