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Diary Spock!

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There’s a lot of mourning on the Internet over the loss of Nimoy. I wanted to add my thanks.

This won’t be a long post. I was already into Star Trek when my dad died. The whole vulcan way of dealing with emotion was something I intentionally adopted to help me deal with the mourning I was going through. So until I became a Christian, it was Spock who helped me process the loss. I never bought the ears or anything like that. I’m not much as a fanboi.

He lived a long and prosperous life. He enjoyed his visibility and continued to contribute in his own way, mocking youth culture and otherwise having a good time.

I’m told Mr. Nimoy’s last tweet was, “A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.” I thought that was so well thought out.

It won’t be long when the Star Trek TOS will be a faded memory as well. A poinent reminder that life on earth is short.

He video’d a parody of Bruno Mars’ “Lazy Song.” It’s message was “I don’t want to do anything today.” When it was over, my 7 year-old daughter commented “you have to do something every day.” Make every day of your life count for something.