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Diary Slothful September

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In August, I sang praises of Dragon in helping me accelerate my writing. I promptly stopped writing altogether. But in the words of Han Solo: “it’s not my fault.”

Or more precisely, it is my fault. The past six weeks have been busy. At work, I’ve been doing a lot of writing and presenting. As a result, most of my creative energy has been focused on work. But there’s more to it than that.

I have a writing business plan. The plan involves having four series each comprising sixteen novels. To help find which genre and style hits my audience best, my plan is to fully plot each series and then write for books from that series. I think I’ve shared this before. Imbroglio is the fourth book of the first series, not in sequence but in the fourth written. That means that I need to flesh out the next series. Over the past month, I’ve been trying to conceptualize that series. Part of the premise is based off of a novel series idea I’ve had since 1992. It’s the same basic situation but with different story and plot. Once I have the basic premise that down I can go back to Imbroglio.

I also still need to revise Luctation. So the likelihood of me finishing both novels by the end of the year with full revisions has likely passed.

As you look over the recent articles, you’ll see that I’m interested in a voiceover booth. That interest is still there. I’ve dithered over whether it will be my office better acoustically treated or a specifically built isolation booth. It’s looking more like it’ll be the isolation booth, because the ambient noise near my office seems difficult to attenuate. I’ve picked up a couple of sound absorbing panels and a sound absorbing curtain from Amazon, which is about all my budget will allow for now. My plan is to hang the panels on the wall and use the curtain to help reduce background reverberation. Naturally, I don’t have more hours in the day or more energy in the week so I have to plan my time budget accordingly. I’m thinking my focus on voiceover may pick up a bit more in 2015.

My decision to limit my novel links to about 80,000 words has been supported by recent articles I’ve read on emerging novel links. It’s a little bit less than what you see in science-fiction and fantasy, but the rise of e-books balances it out.

So what is my goal for October? I think I would be content to get further along in the Imbroglio draft. I don’t want to go back to Luctation until I finished Imbroglio. I’d also like to get my makeshift sound booth up at least so I can test it out. Finally, I would like to get through a few steps of the snowflake method as I applied to a novel series. A good goal might be to start to flesh out some of the major characters. For those familiar with the method, that is step three.

I’ve been reading more about C. S. Lewis, so I’d like to also read more of his works to get better idea of how he was able to convey so much the story and imagination.

By the way, this entire article was dictated using Dragon Dictate.