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Diary Progress in Winter 2015

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A friend asked me this week about my writing. So, I figured it was time to report slow going.

I thought I’d start with this weekend and work backward. Today, I expected delivery of the rough draft of Luctation. I have it printed and spiral bound by Lulu. It’s about the same as Kinkos or my home printer. However, we had five inches of snow in Northern Virginia and the shipper canceled delivery. The new delivery day is Tuesday. Once it arrives, I’ll start going through it. I finished Luctation last July, so my memory if it was very cold. I am rebuilding the Postal Marines series bible in the process. I expect that to take a while.

I shifted my annual goal. Instead of finishing Bellicose and Luctation, and starting a new series, I am going to focus on getting these two books published first. Whether I add the other work back depends on my progress.

With Bellicose, I am down to the climactic scenes. I’m stuck. There was an odd plot turn that I need to account for. The turn is based on Luctation’s plot. Thus, by working on the revision I should be able to reconcile the conflict and finish both.