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Diary November and NaNoWriMo 2014

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Looking at my progress for 2014, I’ve not written a word since 24 August. I am now 37,299 words behind schedule. Can NaNoWriMo save me?

The year progress is in freefall. What’s been contributing to my writing debt? Without getting into details, there was work-related event that triggered the stop back in August. That event persists. I come home completely sapped of intellectual and creative energy.

But not all is lost. I am still only 50,000 words from my goal. I’ve successfully completed a NaNoWriMo event in the past. So, would November be the month to get back on track? As always, I have two four-day weekends. That’s fourteen days off, almost half of the month to write. If I wrote 2,000 words each of those days, I would go a long way to recovering the writing debt.

I threw away today to work on my web site. That’s like an axeman sharpening his ax, right? Or, is it more like the axeman pulling out his fishing pole and going fishing instead? On the continuum of work effectiveness, it’s a little closer to the fishing hole than the tree. So, I only have 13 free days left. That’s only 12 if you exclude Thanksgiving. So, if I could write 1,000 words on the other 16 days, and 2,000 on those other 12, then that’s 40,000 words. I would erase my debt. Can I do that?

What else have I been working on? I’ve been studying about themes in writing. I’m in the preliminary stages of starting the next series. So, while I’ve not been at the keyboard I have made something resembling progress.

How does this all play out? Let’s say I finish Imbroglio on schedule. Then in 2015 I have two books to edit and get to press. I should also start getting all the books to a copy editor. So about half of my time and energy in 2015 will be in getting the Postal Marines series out the door.

The other half would be the first book of the next series. So my writing goal for next year will be 85,000 words.

With Bellicose available for free via Kindle Unlimited, I now have nine reviews, with a total of four-stars. Not too bad for not even trying to advertize.

I need to take my days one at a time. Tomorrow, I want 2,000 words. I’ll be tweeting my progress, for anybody who cares.