“Jetsam - Terschelling Beach,” Robert de Jong , under CC BY-SA 3.0.

Diary My Goals for 2016

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Maybe it’s me but “goal” is only a slight misspelling for gaol, which is the British spelling of jail. Is having a goal its own gaol?

I see life as sailing, charting waters and changing course as needed. Sometimes you head in the opposite direction from your destination, either to avoid devastation or to set up for better winds. This past year was a year with little wind. My 2015 progress charts show that I stopped writing dead in February. That is partly because I shifted my method and partly because my year hit shoals early.

Three Words in 2016: Write. Restore. Realign.

This is my fourth goal setting endeavor chronicled on this site. I am going to go back to where it began by endeavoring to summarize my coming year in three words.


I did not submit to Amazon in 2014 or 2015. Nor will I in 2016. I have two works in progress: Luctation and Bellicose. My intent is to release Luctation in 2016, and get cooking on the next series.

With the migration to Scrivener, I will be re-evaluating the Postal Marine Series. That is, looking at the lagan strewn about and restating the series ala Snowflake Method. There was a young entrepreneur and software developer that said whenever he picked up a project from another effort he would write behavior-driven tests. It helped address the lack of code-coverage, and helped him learn the software. Not bad for a kid who was only twenty. Snowflake should be that for me. I’ve already started to look at Bellicose.

It also appears that for the past two or three years that I have been looking at starting a new series (Ombrio). My business plan says that after Imbroglio I should be working a new series. Not that PMS will be abandoned, but that I wanted to layer in a second series. When I look at the work already invested, I am surprised I’ve been tinkering with the idea of years.

Assuming Luctation and Ombrio are progressing, I may amend my 2016 goal to include finishing Imbroglio.


I’ve been working on restoring a 1972 Volkswagon Super Beetle since April 2015. I’ve already discussed this restoration effort recently, so I won’t belabor it. My endeavor is to finish the body by May, and perhaps have it road worthy by December 2016.


Perhaps I’m less influential than I was in past years. Twenty-sixteen will be a year of re-aligning to my true north. If I am to lead, I need to reassess myself, challenge my motives, and lay aside every weight that hinders…to jettison.