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Diary May: May Day! Going Down!

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The promise of finishing a novel before me, May was not the month I hoped it would be.

I decided to publish this article well ahead of the end of the month. With six days remaining in May, I have a chance to reverse some of what I say here. After a mostly dead month, today was hopefully the start of the reverse. I am currently at 2,105 words for the day. My wordcount deficit when I started was 5,442. So, I’m at 3,337 words behind schedule. If I could get to 2,700 words, then I would nearly halve my deficit. But, remembering that every day I dig the hole 410 words deeper, I would need 3,131 words to be at half.

I’m going to say I sort of cheated. The goal for the year is 150,000 words. Until this month, the graph has been showing a daily target of 500 words. I reran the graph script using 410 words, which turned a chronic debt into a chronic surplus. What can I say? I live in Northern Virginia and have learned from the greats on how to make statistics paint happy pictures.

What’s the excuse this time? In February I built a hackintosh. I sat there smugly looking at a powerful computer for half the cost. I reported in April how it crashed and I lost time getting it operational. It crashed again on 10 May. It was not until the night of 23 May that I had recovered enough that I could write. My solution was to break down and buy a MacBook Air. In the past I had been running Mac Minis, which had all of the power of a laptop with all of the portability of a desktop. I thought with the hackintosh I would address the power issue. Instead I addressed the portability issue. Which meant that today I was able to write in the backyard while the kids played, and in the dining room while the family slept.

Where am I? I’m well into the last act of Luctation. Both Jonaldy and Creed are in the last bit of their race and it’s going to be a close one. Nine segments left until I’m finished. Then I’ll put it on the shelf to cool as I turn to Imbroglio, the book that started it all. I’ve not been in the mood to read Bellicose and see where it stands. If I can get the proof read and approved then I’ll publish it.