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Diary March: Slouching to Publication

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If there’s a time in any marathon where there’s a lull that could lead to defeat, a flag in energy, a desire to give up, then that would be March 2014.

But I won’t give up. Not yet. It was a busy month. I’m still volunteer for a youth organization, and I’m feeling like I’m not quite doing there as well as I could, either. If half the job is showing up, then I’m half way there.

When you look at the graph, you’ll see spurts of productivity followed by gaps of inactivity. From 16 to 22 March, that was because I was at a conference in California. I entered that week 4,176 words behind. I came out of that week ahead by 1,700 words. Living on the East coast, I kept getting up at the same time (2am PDT) and using those four hours to write. I also wrote on the flight back.

Most of that writing was on Luctation. Right now I’m at 52,100 words and tracking to be around 80,000 words. I am on scene 45 of 64, only four scenes from finishing Act III. At my daily goal of 410 words, then I have 54 days remaining until the draft is finished. If I stay on target, Luctation will be finished by 24 May—Memorial Day weekend.

I also had a chance to incorporate all of Dennis’ Bellicose comments. He had over twenty pages of observations which had a minimal impact on the word count, but measurable improvement in the quality of the book. Over this past weekend, I uploaded to Createspace. The proof is in the mail and should be here this week. Assuming my final read goes well, then Bellicose will be released in April.

Not too bad for March?