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Diary Looking Back on 2014

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When the day is at its shortest, it’s time to look back at last year’s progress. I accomplished more than I thought, but less than I had hoped.

Progress in 2014

In my Gutsy Year article, I observed that I posted once in 2013. I’ve posted over twenty times in 2014. One article every three weeks seemed to make sense, and yet I pulled out nearly one every-other week.

The table below shows the change in progress in 2014.

Book2013 Status2014 Status
BellicoseFirst Draft Done Published 2014
LuctationStalled (25,516 words) Drafted 2014
ImbroglioStalled (10,825 words) 42,921 words (as of Nov 2014)
ScintillaPublished 2011 No Change

Plans for 2015?

I started writing this article in November, when I started putting together my 2015 writing goals. I set it at 100 kwords. However, while looking over my past year, I ran across my article on revising my 2014 writing goal. In that article, I mentioned setting a three-year goal of four books. That goal requires a writing pace of about 110 kwords, or 300 wpd. Since I stated a four-in-three goal earlier, and the difference is a scant 10 kwords, I will try to stick to that goal.