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Diary Considering Kickstarter

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I am 50,000 words from the first major milestone of my writing career. Once Imbroglio is drafted, I will have finished the first four novels in a series. What I lack is a bit more professional editing.

My friend Dennis is one of my alpha readers. He has some expertise in being an alpha reader, and has had some influence on the quality of the writing. When you read any of the books, any grammar or other gaffes you see are not his fault.

Last year I was happy with my self-made covers. Having engaged a much more professional cover artist, I now have quality covers. I just need to extend that quality to the content. I can justify the cost of the covers, but editing a novel can cost over a thousand dollars. So to offset that cost, I’m considering doing a Kickstarter campaign. It takes a while to get one of those set up. So nothing will likely come of this until December.

Already have an idea of some of the bonuses that I hope to offer to those who invest in the campaign. Beyond the normal free e-book or paperback/hardback, I’d like to try to offer a chance to maybe name some elements of the next novel series. Another option is a behind-the-scenes look at the world building of that fantasy series. So if you know of anybody who likes fantasy and wants to watch a sausage being made this might be an opportunity to contribute and enjoy.

As I said as far back as January, I’m starting to put together my next novel series. It’s gonna be a fantasy series maybe a little on the darker side although I’m not into horror or those elements. I’m thinking of the themes right now. I’m going to be using fantasy elements that I’ve used as far back as the early 1990s when I did role-playing. There’s going to be some crossover was science fiction, so I’m using a little bit of the scientific underpinnings of the Postal Marine Series as it relates to hyperspace travel. I like Smee, so you’ll see something resembling him in that series as well.

In terms of the behind-the-scenes aspect, one of the things I’ve been struggling with over the years been a good way to manage my world building. The one way that work best with me was PmWiki, but to host that wiki specifically for world building is not cost-effective. So there’s a chance I’ll put together my own wiki using Ruby that can share some information publicly but some the other information can be held back for myself.

The other challenge is map building. So, I invested in the Worldspinner Kickstarter campaign. If you have time and interest in that campaign and it is still ongoing when you read this consider investing in that one.

I look forward to hearing from you and what you think about doing a Kickstarter to edit my four science fiction novels. Please comment below.