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Diary April Progress: It's Not My Fault

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It is a well-known proverb that “[t]he road to Washington is paved with good intentions.” This year my goal was to deliver an average of 420 words per day, which is 500 words per day, six days per week. Right now my average is 375 days.

In April, I had only five days of actual writing. In those days, I delivered 6,500 words, averaging just over 1,300 words each of those days. So to what do I throw out as a lame excuse for not writing?

So of the past 30 days, I was unavailable for six, volunteered for five, was ill for three and was without computer for six; totaling 20. I wrote six days, which accounts for 26 total days. There’s some overlap there, and I’m counting tonight and tomorrow as a loss. That accounts for 28 days. So, there are two days I can’t find even an implausible excuse for.

Right now, I am 3,800 words behind schedule. I will need to write an average of 1,000 words/day for the next fortnight to get back on schedule. The beginning of May is a bit of a challenge since I am in the last stages of a graduate certificate. But by 10 May I will have fewer excuses.

I was tracking to finish Luctation by 24 May. In April I said I was tracking to 80 kwords, but the original 75 kwords is more likely. So, I have 16,600 words (roughly) and twelve sections to draft. All this to say that my goal is to finish the Luctation draft on schedule and not focus on a failure to write for 24 of the past 30 days.

I stalled as I was in mid-draft of Surprise Three, the turn to the last act.

Once I finish Luctation, I will need to spend the balance of May reading the Bellicose proof and re-plotting Imbroglio, the book that was the progenitor of the entire Postal Marine Series.

It is all to his Providence.