“Screenshot of Graph,” Ben Wilson , CC BY 4.0.

Diary Additional Progress Tracking

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Over the past six weeks or so I’ve been talking about tracking my writing. Yesterday I added a new feature to track progress.

You’ll recall from my new year’s article that I’m committing to writing 150,000 words this year. In my last article I gave status, along with the link to my daily tracking. The two charts I had then was a speedometer that provides the overall average with a shadow needle telling me how much I have to write per day over the next fortnight to get back on track. The second chart is a rolling report on my daily progress against my goal. That is, how many words have I written each day, and a second graph showing how far I am ahead or behind schedule.

To be honest, those two are helpful, but discouraging. It yo-yos up or down depending on other life events, but says nothing about how I am progressing to my ultimate goal for the year of 150,000 words.

Yesterday I added a third graph: cumulative progress set against the cumulative word count per day. This is a burn-up chart, showing the patient march toward the goal. This one is a bit more encouraging, even if in actuality it is the second graph turned diagonally.

Coincidentally, yesterday was crossing the 15,000 word-mark. I am ten percent through the year (it started on 6 January). I am about nine percent below target. I’ll be lower today because I’ve not written much this week at all (wait for the end-of-month retrospective). God in his providence is dumping an estimated six inches of snow on Northern Virginia tonight. This gives me a chance to make up the deficit. I’ll have to write 2,100 words to be back on track. This has been a rough week.