Merovex Dispatch

by Ben Wilson · 21 January 2019

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The Merovex Dispatch is a periodic newsletter sent to the friends and fans of Ben Wilson, Author.

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30 Books on the Wall

The current fad organizer Marie Kondo suggests that you should only have 30 books in your house. She espouses minimalism. Does she have a point?

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2019: A Change in Direction

Last year, I said to some friends that if I did not get busy writing, it was time to shutter the whole thing. And in 2018, I did virtually no writing. Is this the end?

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Finding Inspiration

I was told once to find a public figure to look up to and emulate. There are thousands of great leaders, artists, musicians and philanthropists to chose from. I found one I could emulate. Anakin was a man who took all that life would throw at him, re-invented himself, succeed and remain humble.

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