Label Groups



We group labels by color, according to broad themes. Labels are consistent across repositories, except for a few language specific topics. This makes switching between projects easy, since you don’t need domain expertise in order to write an issue. New team members can learn the system once, and use it everywhere.

Reader Feedback Form

These labels are used by my customer-feedback form, but otherwise speaks to problems or areas to improve.

Labels can easily be added via the script at the bottom of this page.


Issues that make the story feel broken.

  • Typo Misspelling, punctuation, etc.
  • Syntax Grammar or poor wording
  • Odd A change from earlier in the story (e.g., character eye color change).
  • Red: #CC0000

Reader Experience

Affect user’s comprehension, or overall enjoyment of the story.

  • Weak Something happens in the story that is hard to believe or implausible.
  • Unclear A passage is hard to read
  • Dull A section is boring.
  • Orange: #FFCC33

  • Fix an better way
  • Idea a suggestion
  • Light Blue: #66CCFF

Supporting Materials

  • Docs Not a part of the story narrative, but supporting documentation. (#CC3399)
  • Character Work to be done on a character (#33CC33)
  • Plot Work to be done on the plot (#33CC33)


  • Pending Taking action, but need a few things to happen first. A feature that needs dependencies merged, or a bug that needs further data. (#FFCC00)
  • Inactive No action needed or possible. The issue is either fixed, addressed better by other issues, or just out of product scope. (#CCCCCC)
  • Chore Converting measurements, reorganizing folder structure, and other necessary (but less impactful) tasks. (#CCCCFF)

  Go on your labels page (
  Edit the following label array
  Use this snippet to export github labels (
  and replace it
  Paste this script in your console
  Press Enter!!
  { name: "odd",       color: "CC0000"},
  { name: "syntax",    color: "CC0000"},
  { name: "typo",      color: "CC0000"},

  { name: "dull",      color: "FFCC33"},
  { name: "unclear",   color: "FFCC33"},
  { name: "weak",      color: "FFCC33"},

  { name: "fix",       color: "66CCFF"}, 
  { name: "idea",      color: "66CCFF"}, 

  { name: "docs",      color: "CC3399"}, 
  { name: "character", color: "33CC33"}, 
  { name: "plot",      color: "33CC33"}, 
  { name: "setting",   color: "33CC33"},

  { name: "pending",    color: "FFCC00"}, 
  { name: "won't fix",  color: "FFFFFF"}, 
  { name: "inactive",   color: "CCCCCC"}, 
  { name: "chore",      color: "CCCCFF"}, 
  { name: "todo",       color: "CCCCFF"}
].forEach(function(label) {

function updateLabel (label) {
  var flag = false;
  .forEach(function(element) {
    if (element.querySelector('.label-link').textContent.trim() === {
      flag = true
      element.querySelector('.js-new-label-name-input').value =
      element.querySelector('.js-new-label-color-input').value = '#' + label.color
      element.querySelector('.js-edit-label-cancel ~ .btn-primary').click()
  return flag

function addNewLabel (label) {
  document.querySelector('.js-new-label-name-input').value =
  document.querySelector('.js-new-label-color-input').value = '#' + label.color
  document.querySelector('.js-details-target ~ .btn-primary').click()

function addLabel (label) {
  if (!updateLabel(label)) addNewLabel(label)

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