10 Things to Remember about Professional Presence

  1. Accept reality. Your professional presence matters here. It influences what people think and say about you and can significantly affect your advancement.
  2. Identify expectations. You must figure out the unwritten professional presence expectations in your office. Remember that they might change at any vertical or lateral move.
  3. Know your audience. Therefore potential audiences you must address: up, down, sideways and outside. Each audience might want or need something different from you. Know when to command versus comfort the room.
  4. Be competent. Competence must underpin professional presence. Commander subject matter to command the room. Fake it at your peril.
  5. Be confident. Self-confidence is the most critical element of gravitas and your professional presence and cannot be faked. If you don’t believe in yourself and your message neither will anyone else.
  6. Lose the ego. To paraphrase a biz Stone, effective professional presence is good communication plus confidence without ego.
  7. Determine what works for you. There is no one model of professional presence at the place you work. Find what works and is authentic for you rather just mimicking someone else.
  8. Ask for feedback. Do not expect to receive professional presence feedback; you must seek it out.
  9. Be self-aware. Constant self-awareness is absolutely critical to understanding how others see you. Be aware of how your audience might be interpreting – – or misinterpreting – – your verbal and nonverbal communications.
  10. Cultivate your brand. Figure out what your brand is, constructed, and curated.
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